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Asphalt/Concrete Vinyl CMYK

Specialized tile, concrete, and asphalt sticker. Extra strong adhesive.

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Asphalt/Concrete Vinyl CMYK

This vinyl is designed for asphalt, concrete, sidewalks, stairs, and more, featuring extra-strong adhesive and special slip-resistant lamination.

Its expected outdoor durability is 6 months, depending on traffic and wear. It should be applied at a minimum temperature of 12 degrees Celsius. Once applied, the vinyl can withstand temperatures ranging from -30 to +80 degrees Celsius.

This vinyl is not intended for vehicles, meaning it is not suitable for busy roads and parking lots.

To achieve the longest possible durability, the film should be installed using a heat gun that warms the vinyl to about 50 degrees Celsius. Heat guns can be purchased at most hardware stores. For shorter campaigns and completely smooth surfaces, the vinyl can be applied without heating.

Installation Guide:


  • Aslan vinyl
  • Extra strong adhesive
  • Lifespan of 6 months
  • Must be applied in temperatures of at least 12 degrees Celsius
  • Usable in temperatures ranging from -30 to +80 degrees Celsius
  • Available from just 1 piece.

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