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Bisexual flag face & body paint stick

With this nifty face paint makeup stick, you can easily and quickly paint the colors and pattern of the bisexual flag on your face and body with just one stroke. Brilliant product to bring to the Pride Parade - With a length of 6cm, it is practical to carry in your pocket.

The stick is ready-to-use and can be used approx. 100 times.

The product is safe and easy to use and complies with the applicable European regulations and standards for cosmetics.

Does NOT contain perfume, parabens or alcohol.

Can be removed again with soapy water or cleansing lotion.

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Bisexual flag face & body paint stick

Paint the bisexual flag with one stroke

This face paint makeup stick makes it quick and easy to paint the bisexual flag on your skin and face with a single stroke.

With a practical size of only 6cm, the facepaint fits right into your pocket and is easy to carry with you to Pride Parades or other festive occasions.

Like makeup, the face paint can be removed with a cleansing lotion or washed off with soapy water.

Each 'makeup' stick contains 4.8g of face paint.

The container is made from recyclable materials.

Shelf life of the product after opening: 24 months.

Face paint without harmful substances

The face paint stick is easy to use and complies with all applicable international and European legislation for cosmetics.

This face paint is free of various harmful substances and contains no parabens, perfume or alcohol.

The product is hypoallergenic and primarily made using natural and fat-soluble ingredients.

This provides a safe product that can be used by both adults and children.

Use of the product by children under the age of 3 must be under parental supervision.

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