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Christmas Sticker Pack - Classic Holiday Designs, 5 Sheets

A pack of 5 sheets filled with beautiful stickers featuring classic Christmas designs.

Here, you'll find a variety of Christmas stickers perfect for adorning cards, invitations, and Christmas presents.

These stickers are also a guaranteed hit with the little elf children.

Includes classic motifs of elves, reindeer, and Christmas trees.

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Christmas Sticker Pack - Classic Holiday Designs, 5 Sheets

A pack of various Christmas stickers featuring classic holiday designs.

Stickers are a great and easy way to add a festive touch to your cards, Christmas packages, and invitations.

For example, place them on the outside of your Christmas gifts as an extra decoration, or on your holiday card to Aunt Jytte.

No matter the season or occasion, stickers are always a surefire hit with kids.

The pack includes the following stickers:

  • Santas with Christmas presents x 1 sheet
  • Snow globes with Christmas trees and snowmen x 1 sheet
  • Christmas trees and ornaments x 1 sheet
  • Red/white Christmas motifs x 1 sheet
  • Glitter reindeer x 8 pieces

With these stickers featuring classic holiday motifs, you're guaranteed many hours of fun and coziness.


  • Beautiful on Christmas cards
  • Decorate your packages
  • Classic Christmas motifs
  • Various kinds

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