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Die-Cut Stickers PANTONE

Stickers cut all the way through the paper, available in special Pantone and metallic colors.

Minimum order of 500 pieces.

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Die-Cut Stickers PANTONE

Die-Cut Stickers PANTONE These stickers are precision-cut through the paper to ensure the outline of the sticker is as sharp as possible when you hand them out. We can produce them with a crack-and-peel back, splitting the sticker paper in two for easy removal. Additionally, we offer the option to print on the backing paper, allowing you to direct people to a website, a competition, or anything else you might have in mind. If you're looking to match a color exactly, Pantone is the way to go. With this option, you also have the possibility of choosing metallic, as well as metallic and transparent with either white or metallic printing. Please note that the outdoor lifespan of this type of sticker is only up to 1 month. The minimum order is 500 pieces. Your inquiry is not binding. Let us offer you the best price in the market with a price guarantee.   Send us an inquiry, and we will respond within a few hours during our business hours. Alternatively, you are always welcome to call us.   ring til os


  • Die-cut stickers
  • Follow the shape of the design
  • Ideal for distribution

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