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Elephant Sticker - 75x80mm Die-Cut Custom Shape

Looking for a sticker as unique as an elephant in a china shop? Then our die-cut elephant sticker is just what you need!

And the best part? It's easy to apply, so you can enjoy your new elephant buddy in no time!

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Elephant Sticker - 75x80mm Die-Cut Custom Shape

An elephant-shaped sticker viewed from the side, featuring large tusks, long ears, and a fluffy tail. The sticker will have a precise die-cut closely following the elephant's shape, giving it a professional appearance.

It's perfect for children who adore elephants and would love to place the sticker on their notebooks, drawings, or other creative projects.

Die-cut elephant sticker with a white border, measuring 75x80mm. Self-adhesive and easy to apply on any surface.


  • Elephant Sticker
  • 75x80mm
  • Die-Cut Custom Shape

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