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Toilet Stickers - Football

Football toilet stickers will add a fun touch to the restrooms in football clubs or sports bars.

Using WC stickers has been shown to enhance hygiene around the toilet area.

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Toilet Stickers - Football

Toilet stickers with a football theme.

These toilet stickers assist boys of all ages in aiming more accurately into the toilet bowl, thereby contributing to higher hygiene standards in restrooms.

Our urinal stickers with a football theme are a perfect fit for various locations, such as schools and institutions, but they also make a fun addition to football clubs, football schools, boys' birthday parties, or even the restrooms and urinals of sports bars.

They are transparent stickers, so when placed in a white toilet bowl or urinal, they almost look like they are part of the toilet itself.

Place the sticker in a cleaned and dry bowl/urinal, and let it sit for 6-8 hours without flushing or cleaning. After that, it should adhere well enough to withstand use, flushing, and cleaning.

The football-themed toilet stickers measure 25mm in diameter.


  • Improves toilet hygiene
  • Enhances accuracy
  • Great for sports clubs
  • Measures 25mm

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