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Gold Star Stickers, 25mm, 500 pcs.

Our holographic Gold Star Stickers are ready to make you shine like never before!

With 500 of these small 25mm holographic gems on each roll, you'll soon be crowned the "Star of Rewards" - and it's not just for kids!

Use them as your magic wand to encourage, decorate, and elevate your projects to celestial heights.

And let's not forget about Christmas decorations - your guests will think you've crossed the stars to find such a sparkling treasure. 

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Gold Star Stickers, 25mm, 500 pcs.

Create magic with our holographic Gold Star Stickers! These 25mm stickers are more than just stars; they are shining jewels that will bring joy and elegance to any project. With 500 stickers on each roll, the possibilities are endless. Use them as a reward for a brilliant performance, whether it's in school or at the workplace. Decorate Christmas cards, gifts, and the Christmas tree with these holographic stars for a festive shimmer. They add a touch of luxury to your scrapbooking projects and calendar highlights. Remember, you can also order stickers on a roll with your own design! We produce stickers on a roll in the shapes, sizes, and colors you desire. From round and die-cut stickers to gold and holographic effects. Get beautiful stickers made for your business or association and create ambassadors. Order from just 500 pieces. >> Go to Stickers with your own design


  • Holographic
  • Gold-colored star
  • 500 pcs.
  • 25mm

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