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Custom Size Stickers CMYK - With Price Guarantee

Stickers in your own custom sizes. You define your own cutting line. The selected height/width is the maximum dimension. We carry most types of stickers suitable for everything from handouts to products.

NOTE: We offer a price guarantee on this product. 

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Custom Size Stickers CMYK - With Price Guarantee

Custom Size Stickers CMYK - With Price Guarantee Here, you can get your sticker in exactly the size you desire, and even in your very own shape. We produce stickers starting from 10x10 mm and upwards, but it's important to remember that sticker production has a margin of error of up to 0.2-0.3mm, so on small stickers, it's crucial to allow space at the edge of the sticker. We recommend, if possible, to leave 2mm from the design/text to the edge. Stickers in All Shapes You can have your sticker cut any way you want, whether it's round, square, oval, or a special shape. For special shapes, you simply add a magenta cut line in vector to your design, showing how the sticker should be cut. If you're unable to set a cut line in vector yourself, we can perform the graphic work for a fee. Round and square stickers do not incur extra setup costs. If you want a sheet with multiple stickers on it, you should choose "Sticker Sheet". The size you need to specify is then the entire sheet's size. For example, A4 297x210mm, or 100x200mm. Note: We need vector cut lines on all elements that need to be cut on the sheet. A 1-2mm bleed is required on all elements on the sheet. We can assist with creating cut lines and bleed on your sheet for an additional charge. Sticker Durability and Printing For normal use of stickers, e.g., indoors or for a short time outdoors, PP-standard stickers are a really good solution. If you want a sticker with top-notch print quality, then you should choose either PP or PVC stickers. As something new, we've introduced PE stickers with extra strong adhesive. They are made for high stress. They withstand temperature fluctuations from -40 degrees to 150 degrees, saltwater, UV, oil, and dirt. They are extra durable, stretchable, and washable, and are the most durable sticker we have without lamination. The print quality is good, but not quite as good as PP/PVC stickers. However, PE is a much cheaper solution in terms of durability compared to PP/PVC with lamination. If your sticker is placed in an exposed area, where there is a risk of wear for several years, we recommend either using PE stickers or laminating PP or PVC stickers. Outdoor Lifespan with Standard Sun Exposure: Standard PP 1-2 years PVC vinyl 2-3 years PE 3-4 years PVC vinyl + lamination 5-7 years


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