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Ladybug Toilet Stickers

Small ladybug stickers appeal to young children and reduce splashing in the bathroom. With a ladybug in the bowl, children have something to aim for, significantly improving hygiene.

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Ladybug Toilet Stickers

Ladybug toilet stickers enhance aiming accuracy. Available in rolls of 10, 30, 100, and 500. Inspired by a study from a Dutch airport, which showed a significant improvement in accuracy with stickers placed inside the bowl. Apply the ladybug sticker to a dry bowl and let it sit overnight before flushing or cleaning.

The Beloved Ladybug

While a fly might seem a bit intimidating to younger children, the ladybug is one of the most beloved and recognizable insects. Therefore, in kindergartens or after-school programs, the ladybug is a fantastic alternative.

Ladybug stickers for urinals, 25 mm in diameter.

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  • Improves hygiene
  • Reduces splashing
  • Great for young children
  • Measures 25mm

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