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Our products

We currently offer 14 different types of vinyl. But even our standard vinyl is of a high quality and can also be used outdoors. In addition to our more usual types of vinyl with and without lamination, we also offer a wide range of specialty vinyl types such as Gold, Silver, Luminous, Mica, Aluminumslignende, Hologram and neon colors. In addition, we also make domede stickers or explained to those who do not know what domede stickers are - stickers are elevated. You know them safe from the computerlog sitting on some desktops. As something new we do now reusable "stickers". This type is better known as Air Stickers (air stickers). They work by micro small air holes grabs any smooth surface whether it's a screen or whiteboard. We have the following types of stickers: Default (without lamination), Standard (with lamination), extra durable (with lamination), silver metallic, transparent (Transparent), Luminous, aluminum-like material, hologram-like pressure, Metal Flake, Neon sticker , Domede stickers, Reusable (Air stickers)

Laminering: Laminering tilføjer klistermærket ekstra holdbarhed til trykket, gør det nemmere at holde rent samt tilføjer modstandsdygtighed overfor ridser i klistermærket.

Meta Mark MD5 is an extra durable adhesive and high-quality polymeriskvinyl. This high-quality film, adhesive and liner, combined with Meta Mark's characteristic surface extraordinarily beautiful print. MD5 can be used on flat as well as curved surfaces such as cars, storefronts, signs and window graphics.

Lamination: Along with lamineringsfolien Meta Guard 700 is a 70 micron polymeric vinyloverlaminate, you get the finest stickers. With overfladelaminaten makes the stickers especially well suited for outdoor use. Laminating with Meta Guard 700 provides sticker much better resistance to abrasion and sunlight. Used together with the superior vinyl Meta Mark MD5, they form the perfect team unique prints with outstanding durability. Its special adhesive makes it easy to mount on if you just use a little water in a spreyflaske. Lamination adds sticker extra durability to the pressure, making it easier to keep clean and adds resistance to scratches sticker.

We print metallic colors, neon colors, domede brands and we do enddag stickers that you can recycle. Let your badges or magnets stand out from the crowd. We use only the best vinyl .. With us you will not find cheaper paper stickers.