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Oval Reusable Air Stickers CMYK

Our reusable airstickers work through nanotechnology and leave no adhesive residue. They are well-suited for use on items like screens and mirrors. Wash them to renew their suction ability.

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Oval Reusable Air Stickers CMYK

Oval reusable air stickers.

These stickers do not use adhesive but instead utilize nanotechnology. Tiny nano suction cups allow them to adhere to a variety of surfaces such as glass, mirrors, metal, or treated wood. They will stick to nearly all smooth surfaces. Typically, you'll see them on the screen of a PC monitor or TV. They are very easy to remove and leave no marks or residue.

If the back becomes dirty, it may not stick well. However, you can gently wash the back, and then it will work again.

Reusable air stickers are intended for indoor use only.

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