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Pearl and rhinestone strings 4mm, self-adhesive

Decorative strings of pearls and rhinestones.

Use them to add some sparkle to the table decorations for a party, or as a nice decorative touch for your cards for friends and family.

Stick them along the edge of various objects and create a neat frame of pearls and rhinestones.

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Pearl and rhinestone strings 4mm, self-adhesive

Self-adhesive string of pearls and rhinestones.

Decorate for a confirmation, wedding or other party with these pretty, decorative strings of pearls.

Stick them along vases, glasses and other edges to create a neat and beautiful frame around the item.

The sheet contains 7 strings measuring 15cm, with alternating semi-pearls and rhinestones.


  • Decorative string of pearls
  • Self-adhesive bling
  • Decorate for a party
  • Great for crafts
  • 4mm gems

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