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PRO sticker remover spray

PRO sticker remover spray

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PRO sticker remover spray

DL-44 is an highly effective industrial degreaser that can desolve fat, oil, dirt, soot, ink and non-hardened adhesives and glue residue. DL-44 is pH-neutral and does not contain corrosives. This makes it ideal for application on glass, metal, laminates, bricks, painted surfaces, rubber and wood. Most (non-hardned) adhesives are neutralized after 5 minutes and glue residue will be easy to wipe off. Spray contains 400ml.

The spray is flammable. Do not breathe the vapor / spray and avoid contact with skin.

Note: There should always be carried out tests before use, as DL-44 may affect certain types of plastics and some specialty paints. Documents: Productinformation Securitydatasheet