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Round Kraft Stickers, Blank, 80x80mm, Pack of 500

Roll of circular, self-adhesive labels made from kraft paper, without any print.

These kraft paper labels boast a rustic aesthetic and can be utilized in countless ways.

Use them, for instance, as seals on products, as gift tags, or as stylish labels on jam jars or creative DIY projects. The kraft paper is also easy to write on.

Each roll contains 500 labels, each measuring 80x80mm.

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Round Kraft Stickers, Blank, 80x80mm, Pack of 500

A roll of 80x80mm round kraft paper stickers, blank.

Here you get a total of 500 sticker labels on a roll, featuring a fine, rustic look from the kraft paper.

Use them for everything from organizing kitchen drawers, name tags on children's folders, product labeling, or as gift tags. The possibilities are endless!

The roll makes it easy and convenient to handle the round stickers, which can be used as they are or to write on as a label.


Remember, you can also purchase stickers on a roll with your own design!

We produce stickers on a roll in the shapes, sizes, and colors you desire.
Everything from round and die-cut stickers to gold and holographic effects.
Create beautiful stickers for your business or organization and build ambassadors.
Order from just 500 pieces.

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  • Gift Tags
  • Labels
  • Rustic Look
  • Roll of 500
  • 80x80mm

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