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Jewellery tag stickers

Jewelery price tags 10x38mm in white. You can write price and info on them.

The package contains a total of 90 pieces. jewelry labels.

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Jewellery tag stickers

90 white jewelery stickers in the dimensions 10x38mm.

The stickers are narrower in the middle so they are easy to place around something narrow. You put them around, for example, a necklace or bracelet, and the two ends of the sticker close/stick to each other. On the wide part at the ends, you can write the price, some info, etc.

Marking of jewelery and wires

Classically, this type of sticker is used to mark the price of jewellery, but they can also be used to mark cables and the like.


  • Use them on jewellery
  • Contains 90 pcs. labels
  • 10x38mm

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