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Snowflake Christmas Stickers, 4 Designs, 500 pcs, 25mm

Roll of 4 different elegant white snowflake stickers on brown kraft paper.

This roll of Christmas stickers can be used for a variety of projects, from decorating Christmas presents to children's holiday drawings and more.

A great roll to have on hand in the craft box leading up to Christmas.

Contains 500 stickers with a diameter of 25mm.

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Snowflake Christmas Stickers, 4 Designs, 500 pcs, 25mm

Roll of Christmas stickers featuring 500 pieces of white snowflake designs (25mm) on brown kraft paper.

The roll includes 4 different snowflake designs, allowing for multiple stickers to be placed on a single gift package with ease.

The brown kraft paper gives the stickers a natural and slightly rustic appearance.

A beautiful detail for Christmas cards, gifts, or something homemade.

The snowflake sticker can also be used as a seal on foil wrapping around Christmas decorations or customer packages.


Remember, you can also order custom-designed sticker rolls!

We produce sticker rolls in the shapes, sizes, and colors you desire.
Everything from round and die-cut stickers to gold and holographic effects.
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  • Christmas stickers
  • 4 different snowflakes
  • Kraft paper
  • 500 pcs.
  • 25mm

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