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Silver Star Stickers, 25mm, 500 pcs.

Are you ready to dazzle the world with your brilliant skills?

With 500 of these little gems, each 25mm, in every pack, you'll soon be crowned the "Star of Rewards" - for both kids and adults alike.

Use them as your magic wand to encourage, decorate, and elevate your scrapbooking to the next level.

And let's not forget about Christmas decorations - your guests will think you're a Santa with great taste. 

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Silver Star Stickers, 25mm, 500 pcs.

Sparkling and shining, our holographic Silver Star Stickers add a starry brilliance to any occasion.

With 500 stickers on each roll, you can add a touch of elegance for various purposes.

These holographic star stickers are versatile and can be used in many ways. Use them as rewards for schoolchildren who have excelled, or as encouragement to achieve new goals.

Decorate Christmas cards, gift wrapping, and the Christmas tree with them for a festive atmosphere. Add them to your scrapbooking projects for a touch of sparkle and personality. They are also ideal for highlighting important dates in the calendar.


Remember, you can also purchase stickers on a roll with your own design!

We produce stickers on a roll in the shapes, sizes, and colors you desire.
Everything from round and die-cut stickers to gold and holo effects.
Get beautiful stickers made for your business or association and create ambassadors.
Order from just 500 pcs.

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  • Holographic
  • Silver-colored star
  • 500 pcs.
  • 25mm

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